The value of shopping “local”

The value of shopping “local”

The value of shopping “local” 1920 912 Lennox Weddings and Events

Why should you support your local businesses?

In todays world, faced with uncountable environmental and social issues that need solving you may wonder how you, a single person, can make the biggest difference for yourself, your local community and the wider world.

Well choosing to buy locally and ethically is probably one of the best things you can do as in doing so you are having a positive and beneficial influence in so many areas. How? Why? Lets have a look.

Buying local benefits your community’s finances and wellbeing.

Buying local means that more of your money remains in your community, allowing local businesses to thrive, quality to improve and people to be happier. Simple. Did you know that every dollar spent generates twice as much for the local economy?

Buying local builds a real deep sense of community.

By buying local products and using local services we create a much deeper relationship with the people who supply these goods and services, building strong friendships as well as business links, which can only mean higher quality products and more care and attention in service.

Buying local is good for your soul.

Knowing that what you have bought has a story closely connected to you, in that it came from a local neighbour, an area you know well or is made from a regionally specific item (flower, fabric, food) makes it that much more an enjoyable experience. Helping to conjure up nostalgic, familiar images and feelings that make it mean so much more.

Buying local is environmentally sound.

Using local products, services and eating local food massively reduces your carbon footprint. When the things you need are at the end of the road instead of the end of the country or further, you are helping to reduce pollution through better air quality as well as using less resources in terms of packaging and raw materials.

Buying local means variety.

Small regional businesses are usually more diverse in their product and produce more organic items. Not only does this offer you a difference from the mainstream but it also fuels the sustainability of land when it comes to farmed products (food and plants) and means a wider variety of produce will eventually be produced.

Buying local means being in sync with nature and the seasons.

In todays commercial world anything you want is available at any time of the year but is this a good thing? Are you compromising on quality or inadvertently advocating the use of fertilisers and preservatives that allow fruits, veg and flowers to be grown at the wrong times of year and shipped around the world? Think carbon footprint again! Buying local keeps us in touch with the seasons, it gives us the variety which nature intended for us to have at that specific time of year. This means you are getting better quality in a more sustainable way. In terms of services such as event planning it also means that you will be getting a more authentic experience of that particular environment, at that time of year. Something that money just can’t buy.

Buying local allows room for expansion and possibilities.

Finally to tie all the factors we have looked at together, by buying local you are supporting and fueling local businesses and imaginations. You are allowing them to grow organically, realise their dreams and expand their businesses to offer better and more evolved services in an ethical, sustainable and passionate way. Now who would not want to live in a world like that?