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After having already worked closely with them on a recent wedding in Ballina, check out the blog “My wedding wish Alisha and Lachlan”. We are now proud to announce that The Lennox Weddings and events collective are now officially in alliance with “My Wedding Wish” as a listed supplier for the Northern  New South Wales area.

For those of you who don’t know about My Wedding Wish, they are a registered charity who help the terminally ill to marry with dignity, compassion and grace. Started as a local project on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland by the founder and Chief executive Lynette Maguire, the need for growth was soon evident and in 2016, My Wedding Wish was registered as a national charity. In 2017 the charity rolled out nationally and today they have chapters in every state and territory.

As well as being the founder and Chief Executive Officer of My Wedding Wish. Lynette is a sessional teacher at University of Sunshine Coast, Queensland, currently sits on the boards of 2 local charities, and is Chairperson on another. Lynette is a popular marriage celebrant, and is also a popular author, presenter, and social commentator.

Alongside Lynette, My Wedding wish is being driven forward by some other powerful, passionate and experienced aspirational women including:

Inke Loos who specialises in Commercial Law, Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property and has a Management Company “Real Woman Speak’, providing female speakers, keynote speakers, and panelists and is dedicated to giving a platform to real women with extraordinary stories and extraordinary lives. Loos also sits on the Board of My Wedding Wish, as Director and Company Secretary and has also taught and tutored at two Australian universities.

Birte Benecke, Charity Development Executive.
Benecke is a Tourism Marketing and Event Specialist with over 25 years of international experience in the tourism and event industries. Birte owns and runs two successful businesses on the Sunshine Coast whilst also being a founding member of My Wedding Wish where she has consistently contributed her time and skills alongside CEO Lynette Maguire to grow My Wedding Wish from a small community project to a National Charity. Benecke has 12 years of wedding expertise as a venue manager and in depth knowledge of the wedding industry in Australia and is passionate about her community and business environment.

With such awesome credentials and backing how could we at Lennox Weddings and events not be involved? Especially when Kath Murphy, our very own Collective member and celebrant is the head co-ordinator of the Northern region. We were beyond proud to become one of the generous and awesome Wedding Wish Suppliers, who without the work that My Wedding Wish does would never be possible. Like all the “Wish Suppliers” our collective is happy to provide our services and products completely free of charge, giving up our own time, products and expenses to help provide amazing weddings for the terminally ill.

My Wedding Wish is a perfect fit for our ethos here at Lennox Weddings and events and is a conduit for your local wedding community to come together. The businesses who are involved are Mums and Dads, small businesses and regular citizens who all generously donate our time, products, money and heart.  These wedding are so special for all involved as they are a gift from ‘your’ community. My Wedding Wish makes this happen many times every year around Australia and we are beyond proud to support and supply them with anything they may need.

For more information please visit You will find a list of our suppliers on their website as well as in our directory here.

Even if the services of My Wedding Wish do not apply to you directly, next time you have a special event or need to buy a gift, why not think about supporting these wonderful local businesses who generously supported this special family. My Wedding Wish appreciate all donations which go to help support this wonderful charity. We shall be raising awareness  of our alliance with, and funds for My Wedding Wish” at our upcoming Wedding expo “The Wedding gathering” so why not come along and support us at that. See website for details.

We as a collective, look forward to again working with the special and big hearted My Wedding Wish team and making more couple’s dreams come true.