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Why Destination Weddings are Getting Popular among LGBT Community?


Despite being a new concept, destination weddings are gaining popularity among gay couples, off late. Perhaps, it’s because destination marriages have many advantages. Traditional weddings are lagging behind in many aspects. Most of the gay couples prefer a wedding which is simple yet memorable. They look forward to tying the knot without shelling out too much for other rituals. This is one of the main reasons why a horde of gay couples are going agog over destination marriages.

Gone are the days when gay marriages used to receive attention, albeit, for all the wrong reasons. Time has changed. People’s perceptions about LGBT communities have got re-shaped as well. Nowadays, gay couples have begun to open up about their preferences. They are not holding back from laying bare their marriage opinions. Most of them are preferring destination weddings over traditional marriages. Wondering why? Well, there reasons galore, for sure. Some of them are dug out down below. Squeeze out some time to take a look –

Destination Wedding is Less Complicated

A destination wedding is simpler than conventional marriage celebrations. It consumes a great deal of time and expenses to celebrate a traditional wedding. Owing to some cruise lines and luxury resorts, exchanging vows on site has become easier.

Also, the number of destination wedding planners has also maximised. They are well-acquainted with the wedding license requirements of different countries. They also offer lucrative packages on photography, decor, catering, etc.

Thanks to these professional wedding planners, destination marriage has become a breezy affair.

There is No Family Drama

It’s true that the acceptance of gay marriage has seen a new rise. But, despite such inclusivity or acceptance, some people are still sceptic. There are many people who are still against the LGBT community. This is where the importance of a private marriage celebration comes into play.

Destination wedding should top your priority list, if you want to marry amidst a private celebration, away from the entire hustle-bustle. If need be, avoid inviting too many friends or family members for the occasion. Make sure to get surrounded by those who have supported you through thick and thin. A conventional marriage may not be able to spell such privacy for gay couples and attendees.

Affordability is the Key

A destination nuptial is always more cost-effective than a traditional wedding. A traditional marriage celebration revolves around a lot of planning and arrangements. The trend of inviting truckloads of people in a conventional wedding is daunting. A destination nuptial does not have such complications.

First of all, when you are marrying away from home, you can invite only those who are close to your heart. Since it’s an unconventional gay marriage, you need not cram the event with too many people.

You can choose a destination as per your budget. For example, if your budget is not on a steeper side, you may avoid choosing an expensive foreign location. You can also choose a destination from your own homeland to lower the expenses.

To arrange everything under budget, you can also hire a wedding planner. Cutting on a huge deal of expenses, destination weddings are winning the hearts of gay couples.

Explore New Destinations

The thrill of discovering new destinations is paramount. Owing to such excitements, many gay couples are inclining towards destination weddings. Why not begin a new journey on a joyful note by filling your D-day week with a lot of fun and adventure?

The memories which a couple will weave together in a good destination will last forever. The traditional marriages are fine. But, when it comes to creating unforgettable memories, the destination nuptials step in. Also, most of the gay couples are averse to taking honeymoon trips post their marriages. If you belong to the same lot, then you should definitely opt for a destination wedding. It will let you spend a whale of a time with your beau away from the madding crowd.

A Chance of Re-Union

At a conventional wedding, the couples are on the go, meeting and greeting. Destination marriages generally unfold like a laid-back vacation. Most of the homosexual couples prefer to walk down the aisle with their close friends in tow. Being surrounded by the love and best wishes of your friends, your D-day will become even more special.

Usually, the couples need to arrive at the venue generally a couple of days before the occasion. After all, they need to do certain paper-works, etc. So, by the time the marriage rolls around, they can let loose with their loved ones.

Spending no-rush moments are only possible in a destination marriage. This is why, most of the gay couples are kicking traditional weddings at the curb.

No Customs to Follow

It entails loads of freethinking to celebrate a gay marriage. The couples are mavericks. They don’t give in before the set norms of society. For such freethinkers, it may not be possible to bow down before traditional rituals. This is the reason why the LGBT community is opting for destination nuptials.

Destination nuptial is a modern concept. Hence, it’s devoid of all those hard-and-fast marital customs. If you belong to the same lot, then you should choose destination nuptial over a traditional one.

Final Note to Remember

There are many other reasons why destination weddings are getting popular in LGBT communities. A destination marriage is private yet beautiful. It can also be an excuse to delve in a relaxing getaway. It offers the couples the perks of a honeymoon even before they tie the knot. Like every other couple, a gay couple too wants to celebrate the best day of their lives pleasantly. Destination marriages are also excellent ways to explore different cultures. So, what are you still waiting for? If you want your D-day to be memorable, try destination marriage. Keep your partner’s choices in mind before making the final choice.

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