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Business Circle

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The alarm goes off… GAHHH! Monday is here. Goodbye sweet Sunday vibes and weekend wonder. Goodbye sleeps ins and pillow snuggles. Hello working week.

The alarm gets politely turned off (aka thrown to the wall) and the climb out of bed begins. The morning chaos descends and the day has well and truly started. Emails flying in, text messages, facebook messages… the lot. Oh the feels… groan. The working week is here and is all systems GO.

DING DING goes the phone with a reminder… today is the first Lennox Weddings and Events Business Support Circle. What was this reminder about? The event opened to explain it…

Bi Monthly business support circles, celebrate your achievements & let go of your struggles.

These circles are a place where we can gather and leave our persona at the door. Take your shoes off per-say and leave the world behind. Bring into the space your frustration to discuss, your celebrations to share and your item for discussion and brain storm an answer. These circles are a place where we combine your overall wellbeing with business coaching and sharing. The circles will be facilitated but not run, it’s a shared environment where all are welcome and is open to you all. A gentle meditation will be included along with wellbeing tips and suggestions to help you flow with ease and grace in your business.

Upon arriving at the Haven of Healing, there was a glorious rug set up with cushions, candles, crystals and the air was calm, welcoming and soothing. Circled around the crystals were positive affirmation cards and essential oils to share with little bowls.

Janine started the circle by welcoming everyone and gave us a gentle introduction of what the morning was to be about. Each attendee took turns introducing themselves and their businesses. New faces, new connections and new conversations.

Michelle started us off with a gentle few minute meditation to ground us and bring us into the room. Release that hustle and bustle that brought the day to a start. Then a discussion and application of essential oils for focus and grounding. The room was alive with smells.

The circle was opened and the topics were presented and discussed, what’s said in the circle stays in the circle. A nurturing and respectful environment.

Everyone had a turn to discuss their business, their frustrations, their challenges and then the fun part came… suggestions, ideas, tools and plans to combat the topics of discussion.

Along with some amazing sound advice from Janine that suited all attendees. An action plan and accountability group was set up. Drive, determination and a plan to succeed had been mapped out.

Which brought the close of the circle. A closing meditation for a couple of minutes to harness the energy of the room and carry us into the week.

And that… is what a business circle is. Want more information? Well you are just going to have to come along to one and see.