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The Collective

The Lennox Wedding & Events Collective is a selection of the best suppliers in the industry working throughout the Ballina Shire and Northern NSW, covering Lennox Head, Ballina, Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers Hinterland.

The Collective provides a complete service to organise a wedding or a special event. Find creative, inspiring wedding and events specialists to help realise your dream Lennox Head wedding, kids birthday, function, celebration, hens or bucks party.

Members take pride in their businesses but as a community driven collective they all work as one to constantly improve and evolve to provide a better service to clients in the Northern Rivers. Working together on many events they compliment each others styles and methods. There is a great understanding between members that makes the planning process straightforward and the day run smoothly.

Make the planning process as easy, enjoyable and as stress free as possible. Search through our directory to find the services you need, knowing that each one offers a creative, experienced and professional service as one of the leading wedding and events suppliers in the Northern Rivers.

The Lennox Wedding & Events Collective has a simple philosophy. Run a morally sound business in an ethical manner whilst providing great service with excellent customer service skills.

Perfect beach wedding locations in Lennox Head, Ballina and Byron Bay. Stunning rural wedding venues in the picturesque Ballina Shire and the fabulous Byron Bay Hinterland. Or maybe a birthday party on the banks of Lake Ainsworth in Lennox Head, we have businesses that provide everything you need to organise and plan your wedding or special event…

Take a closer look and come say hello…

The Team

Kaye Adam

The Queen behind the Lennox Weddings and Events!

Kaye is just like a queen bee, working hard and ensuring all the bees around her have work, a place to gather, are supported and have their own community! We all look up to Kaye as she has this incredible ability to take an idea ( and believe me, we throw some at her) and she can magically turn this into a plan, an event and boom – its happening! Plus if you have been in Kaye’s company you will know, she’s a ray of sunshine… positivity, business coaching and friendship.

Kaye founded the group we now have as a members only facebook group from her sheer frustrations of trying to find fellow quality service providers in the weddings and events industry that weren’t ALL based in byron and the gold coast. As a spectacular hair dresser and make up artist – her amazing networking and building relationships with other wonderful local businesses – the Lennox Weddings and Events Collective was born.

This directory is where anyone who is  looking to get married, run an event or looking for a fellow business can come to. The businesses in the collective are all known by Kaye and have provided amazing services to our local community and abroad. This is the place to come to, to find a cohesive group of businesses that want to serve and work together. Now thats rare!

We are so grateful that you have brought us together Kaye.

Ben Wyeth

The Brains Trust behind all that techy stuff we all flinch at!

When starting a new stage in your business, its hard to develop where and what you want to do. Kaye found Ben and it was a TURE Biz MATCH. Ben has been the brains behind developing the website, the support in planning, the support in planning out all the socials and getting them working… basically Ben has built the bee hive that we all play in!

Ben has such a broad and diverse range of skills, he is also a talented photographer with an eagles eye for details and snaps. Plus graphic design, web design and marketing! So much and pop into the amazing Design Space in Ballina for a chat with him.

Thank you Ben for building our hive.

Janine Ferguson

The Wellbeing Committee of LWE
Healing the person to build the business / run your event:

Are you thinking what the woo woo?? Well that’s right, we deeply believe that you need to heal, clear and align yourself with your business and goals. Most of us here are the business, we are the face, the body, the soul of the businesses we run. So if you are tired and run down that means your business or event will falter. That’s where the amazing Janine comes in, she has the most amazing skill set that will coach you, guide you and help you shift your energy to be more aligned in your life, your business and your event.

Janine’s background of business coaching, life coaching and spiritual coaching has given the perfect skill set for her to head our wellbeing area of the Collective. Be well from the inside out – from health, wellbeing and spirituality. From running your business or from preparing for your next event. Know that you have your body and spirit aligned to successfully present and prepare.

Janine has a depth of knowledge comes out in our business support circles that she co-facilitates. You will leave with a whole host of new tools for your business tool kit. We offer these circles to our members of the collective, its a whole different way of networking and sitting in a scared space.

You could liken Janine’s role to the gate keeper of the bee hive, she ensures that only pure positivity and light come into our hive.

Michelle Knott

Supporting Wellness and Admin Bee

Michelle works in health and wellness, with an active online business. One of her strengths is administration and helping bring the “stuff” together. From supporting Kaye to get the nuts and bolts tightened to sitting in circle and leading a meditation. All with a smile and a laugh, because you know what… why not! Life does not have to be so serious.

Ask her a question from her days as a wedding planner and event coordinator to organic farming to anything about essential oils. Michelle’s diverse background, qualifications and studies give a wealth of knowledge to any conversation that you may have with her.

Michelle’s workshops are a treat and will leave you feeling calm, educated and enriched but the support from essential oils. Your needs, whether they’re physical, mental or emotional and be guided by Michelle to craft your very own bespoke blend.

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